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Introducing the Saint Louis University Ice Pavilion

SLU Ice Pavilion

Saint Louis University has a proud history of excellence. That excellence is reflected in every aspect of the institution: from innovative curriculum to challenging academics; from dedicated faculty to motivated students; from community involvement, to diverse and engaging activities and services. But most of all, that excellence can be seen in the quality of the graduates as they assume leadership roles throughout the community, the country and indeed, the world.

Excellence is also reflected in the mission statement of the university… "The University seeks excellence in the fulfillment of its corporate purposes of teaching, research and community service. It is dedicated to leadership in the continuing quest for the discovery, dissemination and integration of values, knowledge and skills required to transform society in the spirit of the Gospels." To further support the mission statement of the university… "Maintains and encourages programs which link the University and its resources to its local, national and international communities in support of efforts to alleviate ignorance, poverty, injustice, and hunger, to extend compassionate care to ill and needy, and to maintain and improve the quality of life for all persons."

With regard to the on going success of Saint Louis University's Men's Ice Hockey program, currently Saint Louis is a member in the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA) and fields one team in Division 1 and one team in Division 2. The D1 team has been ranked as high as 7th in the U.S. and will surely be among the top teams the 2004-2005 season. The D2 team continues to provide a place for student-athletes to develop their skills and enjoy ice hockey as a team sport. The coaching staff from Saint Louis is nationally recognized as John Bosch - Head Men's Ice Hockey Coach serves as the Vice President Division 1 of the ACHA and is the Past President of the Central Collegiate Hockey League (CSCHL) widely regarded as the most competitive D1 conference in the ACHA.

Unfortunately, the university and its hockey program shares one other distinction: neither has an adequate home ice arena in which to provide more recreation and entertainment to the entire student body or maintain efficient and economical hockey programs. The University men's program plays its home games at The Summit Center, formerly US Ice Sports Complex - Chesterfield, MO and practices at two other facilities (Kirkwood Ice Arena and The Forum Ice Arena). The distance from the campus is approximately 21 miles to The Summit Center - Chesterfield, MO and certainly removes many of the student's hopes to enjoy the great hockey action of their university teams. Although the team experiences average crowd sizes of 250 - 400 it is felt that an on-campus facility would drastically increase the attendance, similar to the university moving Men's Soccer to the Frost Campus. Of greater difficulty is the fact that practice ice is not available to the men's teams at reasonable hours and costs at the home facility and that they have to move around to other facilities to piece together an appropriate practice schedule. A continuing issue is that the men's team has no locker room facility so equipment must be stored away from the arena and generally in dorm rooms and storage facilities. In short the men's program suffers from lack of a home facility or home ice advantage.

The SLU Ice Pavilion will aid in student retention. With the renovation of the Busch Memorial Center and on-going enhancements to the campus, student life is improving. The addition of this facility will assist in not only providing ice for the afore mentioned men's ice hockey teams it also would add vitality to the campus with extra activities such as public skating, figure skating clubs, speed skating clubs, intramural broomball, intramural hockey, curling clubs, and learn to skate opportunities for the students and faculty. To further enhance the university and its mission statement the facility would also be involved in diversity hockey opportunities that exist through the National Hockey League. These programs give individuals the opportunity to participate in ice sports that they generally would never be able to experience based on personal obstacles. And the opportunity even goes deeper for the university. With the proposed prep school and youth organization tenants of this building, Saint Louis University would be providing the opportunity for thousands of high school and grade school age student-athletes the chance to be on campus at one of the most prestigious universities in the U.S. This will translate into more local students selecting Saint Louis as their university when decision time comes. Saint Louis University will impact the community hockey and ice sports programs that are literally bursting at the seams with participants. With the demands of youth hockey and ice sports growing at such an amazing rate, school and community needs converge over the need for a well-designed arena.

Introducing... St. Louis Hockey, Inc. Recently a dedicated group of business professionals, coaches, alumni, parents and other concerned individuals have come together to address this issue and build an ice arena. The exciting plan, which has emerged is believed to be unique throughout the country in that it addresses the needs of three different groups: a university; Premium User groups and, a growing ice sports community. A private 501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporation has been formed to build and own the new facility, St. Louis Hockey, Inc.

Financing for the arena is also a unique combination of public and private financing, in-arena advertising and charitable giving. The momentum behind the project has been nothing short of amazing. Land has been located through Saint Louis University, initial design concept created, initial finance discussions, and Premium Users identified and secured, all in the space of the last twelve months. Total cost for the project will be $5.5 million. Of that, approximately $4.0 million will be financed over 20 years, leaving a need for advertising revenue and charitable contributions of $1,500,000. Once the debt is extinguished, the building and land could be turned over to Saint Louis University. Annual operating revenue will come from long term ice-time agreements, ice rentals, summer hockey schools, special events marketing, annual advertising sales, concessions and leasehold opportunities.

The Saint Louis University Ice Pavilion will host youth, high school, college hockey as well as special events. The facility will have a seating capacity of 2,300, and will offer four youth hockey locker rooms, Saint Louis University Locker rooms (D1 and D2), four Prep School Locker rooms, conditioning and weight room. With academics in mind there will be common and quiet study lounges as well as private offices. Additionally, there will be two private suites to be used for special event or VIP use.

The Ice Pavilion will
  • Eliminate the need for college players to drive to practice
  • Increase ice-time availability for regular and off-season play and practice
  • Allow for the University to host national youth, high school and college games, tournaments and special events
  • Promote and improve student attendance and school spirit
  • Increase student involvement for other non-athletic activities
  • Create a new venue for social participation by the whole community
  • Provide training facilities for conditioning
  • Provide a source of additional income
The qualities that have brought the Ice Pavilion to its current state of development have been foresight, passion and commitment. Those same values will be required to complete the project. A key element of the plan and one that is essential to its success is the need for financial support from the community. That support can take the form of advertising within the facility itself, or the form of a charitable contribution. Multiple opportunities exist for advertising your company, products or services throughout the arena.

The impact of The Saint Louis University Ice Pavilion goes far beyond schools and hockey. It can and will exemplify the very best qualities of spirit of competition and team play. Your help is needed. We are calling on alumni, parents, players past and present, businesses and other individuals to support what will stand as a testimony to cooperation, to excellence…and to community.

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