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hockey SLU Hockey Coach's Corner - John Bosch - May 2006

With the 2005-2006 season well behind us and the ACHA crowning a new D1 National Champion - The University of Rhode Island (URI), I am reminded that not so many years ago our team would compete well going head to head against URI. This is where we need to get back to, competing with the top teams in the nation. Our SLU Coaching Staff is fully committed to this agenda and we will see the return of Saint Louis to the D1 National Rankings. There is only one sure way to make this turn around and that's through current player commitment and bringing in new talent in order to surround selected returning players with the weapons required to compete at a level with the "best". Our recruiting is an ongoing process, but this season, particular attention was paid to the Junior Hockey Leagues and Midget Major programs across the mid-west and beyond. Alex Kuehling, our newest Assistant Coach, traveled to Detroit to scout at a Junior B Tournament in December of 2005 and I can't think of one local Junior game that Alex didn't attend bringing back reports on the players that should be approached. Personally, I have logged several trips to the Chicagoland area scouting which have yielded 2 players already committed to SLU. All the coaches have spent numerous hours on the phone being absolutely sure that we do not miss on potential candidates for SLU. By the beginning of August, we will release out new recruits and we look forward to a very competitive season of hockey in the 2006-2007 season.

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